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Anonymous: I'm just a very shy person! In saying that what types of girls are you attracted to?? I no you wouldn't bite because you seem super nice but yeah my nervous affect me. 
I’ve never a boyfriend so how embarrassing. 
N you must be Around the wrong girls cause your sexy ;) X

That is fair enough, now i am curious who you could be.
Are you from Australia or Melbourne?
Being honest with you, i’ve got no idea, i just don’t have a type so whoever i meet and well become attracted to would be my type.
Its not embarrassing, nothing to be embarrassed about :3

The girls i hang out with all have boyfriends and have friend zoned me, but their great friends.


Anonymous: Following on from my last message I am serious. I'm to shy to say who I am cause your real hot. I was so happy when I saw you were single but I'm very surprised at the same time. Just a question why would think I wasn't serious. Therefore your welcome sweetie. Xo

There is nothing to be shy about, you can come off anon i don’t bite.
I’ve been single for 5-6 years now… so yeah.
Cause i don’t messages like this and also i never get called hot or attractive.


Lambo | ZONAQ
Anonymous: Are you single by any chance?? The only reason I ask is I looked through your self tab and think your incredibly hot. Xoxo

I’m not sure if you’re being serious or not, but yes i am single and thank you for the complement.


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